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I'm Tank, the Coach and Mentor that helps you take your business and life to the "next level".

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"All you need is an Idea!" ...they said.

The gurus all say that it's easy to start your passion based business. You get excited about the possibility of turning your savings into an endless cash making machine. You can taste the dream of 'passive income' - the money flows while you sleep! You've done your dream visions of the vacations you'll take because you are your own boss and everything works magically by itself.

So you've dived in and all of a sudden, you are up Schitt's Creek and there are no paddles to be found anywhere. Sure you have all those "7 keys to success" reports, dozens of digital 'templates' and the ever overwhelming batch of 'swap files' ...

And on and on…

You’re wondering when the relaxation, fun, and “less work” is going to kick in because right now this seems harder, more frustrating and scarier than having a dead end, soul crushing job.

My name is Tank Hanna and I help people just like you take their great ideas from Zero to One. I work along side you while we map out and implement a step-by-step plan customized for you and towards your vision which will get you off the ground and on the path to living the life you truly want.

And we will build it all together.

If you're ready to work with someone who is actually invested in your success, then we need to talk. I work with only a few clients at a time, because of how much individualized support you get from me. (you'll get more than you think)

I look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you and your business.


Is my program right for you?

Do you...

  • Have a burning desire to take control your life.
  • Have or want a side hustle to become a main revenue source
  • Want to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose  
  • Know you have more to offer
  • Feel "stuck" but don't know why
  • Want to be an entrepreneur, no matter what it takes to succeed!

What do I provide?


A wise man once said "Deploy your soul, then scale it." That is the essence of building a soul driven business. But what the hell does it actually mean? I believe we are all given multiple reasons for being here and the options are endless... but to really make a difference and have the life you desire, you have to find out who you are and what you want.

We will start with where you are, then focus on where you want to go. Then we will create the road map to get you there, making that vision a reality.

And I'll be there with you the whole way.



Building a business and creating your reality takes energy. We all have parts of our life we know are detracting from our highest purpose. And that's ok... But to get where you want to go, you're going to need to do things you haven't done before.

It has been said that "Everything is Mental" and as Tesla said "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Your mental game is the key.

So part of your business plan must incorporate your life vision. I'll help you open up to new energies at your disposal so you can drive to the next level.


I'm not your average coach... if you want to be average, go elsewhere. BUT, if you are ready to get in the game, and do what's needed with a coach that will push you like you've never had before.... let's rock.